5 beauty tricks with olive oil

Olive oil helps us stay in line because it has properties that make it easy to process food and prevent the absorption of harmful fats and sugars.

Impossible to miss ! You already know about olive oil, and you've certainly heard many times about its many health benefits . You can now add a new one to your list!

Olive oil is indeed an excellent ingredient for beauty treatments! This is why Better Health will present below 5 beauty tips with olive oil.

Remember that what is natural is always healthier. Enjoy it, you will be radiant without spending a lot of money. How to find better? Impossible !

Olive oil to keep the line:

We know that it is part of the famous Mediterranean diet, and therefore protects us from health problems. Also know that it is perfect for our silhouette! Add to your diet a teaspoon of olive oil taken on an empty stomach: this will help you lose weight and keep the line.

This oil has indeed benefits that allow the transformation of food, thus preventing the absorption of fats and harmful sugars.

Olive oil for shiny and healthy hair:

One of the main problems of hair is that they dry. They break and fall sometimes! We advise you to use an olive oil mask once a week.

It should be applied extensively on the scalp, and then covered with a slightly warm towel. This makes it possible to increase the moistening of the hair, which gains in brightness and health.

Leave the towel until it cools. Wash your hair the next day. Your scalp will be just beautiful!

Olive oil for a perfect complexion:

By using multiple cosmetics, you've probably wondered what women did before? They all displayed a sublime skin and are still today references in terms of beauty .

It's simple: in the past, women were already enjoying the benefits of olive oil! They applied it to their body like a beauty cream, and they let the skin absorb it. A single drop is enough, and your skin will thank you! Dry skin will be on the angels with this humidification remedy.

Olive oil for a smooth skin:

You've probably already noticed: waxing, exposure to the sun and many other things are damaging to the skin. It becomes dry and lacks luster.

There is a rule to remember: it is important to always exfoliate the skin of the elbows and knees. Once this is done, add a touch of this oil . These areas are indeed drier than others, and the oil helps keep the skin soft.

Olive oil as a makeup remover:

We can even take advantage of this oil to remove makeup at the end of the day! Once the face is cleansed, take advantage of this excellent makeup remover: the results will surprise you.

But beware, this assumes regularity. And yes, it's like everything in life, the best results happen only when you are consistent in treatment!

So do not hesitate, and enjoy the many virtues of olive oil!

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