Slimming: change your approach!

We all know the principle of the diet, which is to change your diet in order to lose weight. It can be useful to go on a diet to lose a few kilos taken in special circumstances: holidays, pregnancy, smoking cessation, intense stress or psychological shock, etc ...

 However, most of the time, the stake is not to remedy unusual weight gain, but rather to initiate a profound change in one's eating habits.

Combine pleasure and health, a whole program:

The goal is to gradually slim down to keep this achievement in the long term. The ideal way to succeed in this process is to motivate oneself as much by "well-being" arguments as by aesthetic arguments. 

Here are some tips to be tempted by this paid approach!

"I am what I eat:

good food

Before composing your menu, try to imagine how the food will be useful in your body. Visualize vitamins, trace elements, fiber, protein, essential fatty acids, and think of all the good they are going to do to you. 

At first, choose raw materials rather than finished products: you can see the benefits of apples much better when you eat them than when you eat them in an already cooked form.

Get used to probing your own needs: do you feel that your body is claiming foods that are fairly consistent, or rather light? Do you perceive, in the analysis of these needs, a relation with the season, with your activities, with your state of health or fatigue? From these observations, try to put logic in your eating behaviors. 

Adapt food intake to your energy expenditure and your health, reduce the sources of stress that cause food anarchy ...If, for example, your analysis leads you to recognize the pleasure of conviviality as the main cause of your excess food, try to work on this notion. 

Could you separate the pleasure of being with family or friends from the pleasure of eating? What form of conviviality could you substitute for sharing a hearty meal?

Habits to adopt urgently!

You snooze, you lose:

It is proven, certain habits are beneficial for our health and our line. We now know that lack of sleep promotes appetite and weight gain. To go to bed early after a light meal is therefore an excellent measure to adopt right away.

 If your sleep is of poor quality and you tend to wake up in the middle of the night with a small hollow, try to solve your sleep problem before even considering losing extra pounds. 

The disappearance of the first problem will probably lead to the second one.

The moment of the meal is an important moment:

When you are at the table, sit down with the intention of enjoying your meal: eat slowly, chew each bite . Do not let the television grab your attention. 

A meal absorbed in haste will not give you the same feeling of satiety as the same meal taken by taking your time, in a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

The right product ... at the right time:

There is no need to demonize certain types of food because they are too much calories. The interest of a caloric food is undeniable when starting a day ... and questionable when going to sleep . 

Some evidences need to be remembered because we do not think enough about it: the breakfast is par excellence the meal where we can forget any idea of ​​restriction! So if there is a gap to be made, it is then. 

The lunch should also be able to give you the energy to pursue the day. On the other hand, the evening meal should be light in quantity as well as energy. You do not go during your night, go hiking? So a bowl of soup seems more appropriate than.

And gluttony in all this?

health tips

A question of perception:

There is a tendency, traditionally, to oppose the pleasure of good food that makes you fat to the severity of a balanced menu. What creates in the minds of people overweight a certain anxiety, that changing their eating habits sign the end of a quality of life. 

Yet the pleasure of gluttony is absolutely not the prerogative of people who eat plenty of sweet and sugary food. 

Thus, when one is able to perceive in an intense way the sweet taste of fresh fruits, one finds great pleasure to consume these fruits that others will be able to appreciate only in the form of a more sophisticated dessert. 

But this perception can change and habits are made to be jostled .
Give yourself some time to lower the amount of sugar and fat in your diet. After a few months, you will find yourself feeling things differently. 

For example, learn to savor bitterness without necessarily removing it by the addition of sugar. 

Immerse yourself in your past to better understand what has been decisive in your education of taste ... Once this analysis done, do not give up to get rid of these tastes taken in childhood! At any age, any time of life, it is possible to change ... 

And the benefit is important in terms of health but also for the spirit! What a pleasure to discover, even at age 40, that finally we like dried vegetables, spinach and cabbage are delicious when they are well cooked ... Go back on the disgusts of his childhood can feel grow , even at adulthood!

Take the time to live ... and enjoy:

healthy life

To slim down you have to ... cook!

The secret of the good living who remain greedy while keeping the line, it is often that they take the time to cook and thus enter a qualitative perception of the food rather than quantitative. 

The use of spices, herbs, garlic, shallot and onion gives flavor to foods prepared without excess fat. The consumption of fruit is favored by a fruit salad presentation or dessert where the fruit will be skillfully associated with cottage cheese, yogurt ... 

Open the cookbooks and try to imagine how the food you do not do not consume enough could seem more appetizing. If you have trouble eating vegetables, try the recipes where they are cooked in savory broths, or in the form of flans or gratins. Most vegetables can be finely sliced ​​to get soft and smooth.

 This is the case of carrots and turnips, for example.By taking the time to prepare carefully selected foods, you will at the same time add extra value to the dish you eat. By sitting at the table in front of food that we perceive as "precious" because cooked in a refined way, we tend to reduce the amount consumed!

I accept myself as I am!

To enter into a general logic of well-being is also, to a certain extent, to accept oneself as one is. Give up an ideal that we will never reach, but have a realistic vision of what can be achieved with reasonable efforts ...

To help you in your well-being and slimming project:

Your well-being and slimming project will be stronger with proper support. Here are some avenues to explore in order to benefit from a favorable context for your efforts.

· Consult the advice of the site Manger Bouger edited by the Nutrition and Health Program of the Ministry of Health.

· Consult the Inserm Nutrition and Health file .

· Optimize your rest periods by opting for stays where meals are supervised by nutritionists, such as a slimming cure .

· Learn about a sport that preserves both your health and your line.

· If you are overweight or obese, the association GROS (Group of Reflection on Obesity and Overweight) can refer you to doctors and health professionals who will help you.

The floor is yours !

Have you managed to change your eating habits? Share your tips and tell us about your journey! Your tasty and light recipes are also welcome!

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