Injuries from the past: do not let them affect you

Past injuries

The wounds of the past are perhaps the ones that prevent us from living fully in the present and being truly happy. We must learn to turn the page.

Life is composed of cycles of ups and downs. It is as if we are living in a capricious roller coaster which, without logic, leads us to the summit and, one day later, to the lowest

We cannot choose how others treat us. In social interactions, conflicts and wounds inevitably appear. However, it is in our hands not to let the wounds of the past affect us.

In this article, we offer some thoughts to overcome rooted trauma. Indeed, the path in this life is individual and it is in ourselves that we will find the solutions. 

We must learn to liberate the past and ease our emotional burden. Maybe it's time to close the wounds of the past forever and be happy.

Get to know you:

personal injuries

We cannot take medicine if we do not know the disease beforehand. We must be aware of the things that make us unhappy. You must, therefore, try to identify the wounds of the past that prevent you from following the path normally.

To do this, we must be brave and face our fears, trauma, and weaknesses.

We must know our pain. Look it in the face so you do not oversize it. Accept the fact that you cannot do anything to go back in time and turn the page. To have a critical and objective vision of ourselves will help us in reality.

In addition, we must keep in mind that the pain tends to increase with time in our memory.

Experience is the best teacher:

Although it may seem ironic or even offensive, the wounds of the past can help us move forward. No one is born educated. Some painful situations can make us stronger and more courageous. Therefore, the idea is to try to change the focus of our pain, until we can assimilate it and take advantage of adversity.

Experience shapes us as people. She draws our personality. It allows us to know what we want and what we do not want. In this way, step by step, there is in each journey a lesson that we can learn from life.

Thus, the routine itself becomes a gym full of effort, sweat, and strength in the face of difficulties.

Emotional intelligence:

Why are we able to cry from time to time because of the same injury of the past? The key is that we need to develop our emotional intelligence. Learn to see things with perspective and, most importantly, learn to forgive. For others and for yourself.

With emotional intelligence, we discover how to manage emotions. Indeed, we learn to overcome obstacles in our thoughts and feelings. Inner monsters feed on us only if we feed them. Do not let them advance.

Do not let negative thinking go wild and hurt you inside. In short, try to control your emotions and do not let a memory of pain invade you, and take precedence over your present happiness.

A new term to fight injuries: resilience

Resilience is defined as the ability of people to overcome traumatic or adverse situations. Individually or collectively, dealing with a past injury is a challenge.

The inner struggle against pain is an exercise in intelligence, honesty, self-improvement, and resignation in situations that we cannot change. However, to move forward, we must stop self-pity, make things less important and learn to follow our path.

Resentment is a corpse that is hard to bury:

Living with the feeling that someone owes us something makes things worse. Resentment prevents us from being free from the past. It's like drinking poison and waiting for the other's death. The emotional burden of past mistakes, whether yours or those of others, only consume us from the inside.

We must be brave, quench our thirst for revenge and calmly bring peace and balance to our lives. The act of forgiving is not easy, but it releases many frustrations. Release a blockage, a ball of resentment that prevents the total healing of your past hurts.


Tips to defeat the wounds of the past:
  • Play sports when bad thoughts happen, as it helps to spend energy and channel them
  • Learn to live with healthy joy
  • Do not be afraid to meet new people
  • Sign up for classes and constructive activities
  • Discover new skills and hidden talents in yourself
  • Develop your creativity
  • Try to help others altruistically
  • Try to eat a balanced diet

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