how to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Do you want to be in good shape to tackle new challenges by putting all the assets on your side?

Think about strengthening yourself physically mentally and emotionally. Here are some tips for weight loss and boost your fitness!

Strengthen your defenses:

Naturally, we have the internal resources to defend ourselves against external aggression. Whether reacting against cold, viruses or stress and relationship problems and difficulties, our body is normally well armed. To reinforce it, here are some simple but effective reflexes:
  • Enjoy the benefits of natural light by aerating as much as possible. Sunlight stimulates you bring your vitamin D and prevents seasonal affective disorder called depression.
  • Sleep well so that you do not let chronic fatigue settle down and weaken you. On average it is good to sleep 7 hours to 8 hours per night, but this duration may vary from one individual to another. Some people will be rested after 6 hours of sleep, others will need to sleep 9 to 10 hours. The regularity is important: an hour of sleep problems on a night will be without consequences, but if it extends over a week, exhaustion can quickly happen.
  • Practice regular fitness exercises. It is not necessarily a question of playing sports, but of taking a daily break in the form of walking, a bike ride, or relaxation and stretching exercises.
  • Think of you! This can mean a relaxing bath, the right to read quietly or a few minutes to admire the sunset ...
  • To not let stress undermine you, surround yourself with caring people and good advice. Do not underestimate the value of a good discussion! Do not be alone in your worries and remember that keeping them for yourself is never the answer.

Full of vitamins and trace elements:

At the level of your diet, adopt the right actions that we will detail. Some foods have an interest in being part of our diet. 

It is not uncommon for temporary tiredness or bad management of the stress to be explained by a lack of magnesium for example. The good idea is to consume green vegetables every day in the form of salads, broccoli, spinach and to add to this menu, once a week, dried vegetables, such as lentils, or dried fruits (almonds, nuts ...).

The vitamin C is also a good ally in the fight against fatigue and is found in oranges, grapefruit, kiwi, the parsley. If you like cabbage, whether raw or cooked, especially do not deprive yourself to feast! It is good because it brings you magnesium, vitamin C and many other vitamins while having a low caloric intake. Do you like to season your dishes with mushrooms, garlic or shallot? Perfect, these foods are reputed to boost the immune system. 

Finally, your vitality will be easily reinforced by the consumption of wheat germ. Rich in vitamins of group B, and especially in vitamin B6 which strengthens the immune defenses, the wheat germ also contains magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, chromium, copper, manganese, and iron. 

This "all-in-one" is, moreover, easy to adopt daily because it is found in the form of glitter, to sprinkle on a salad, mashed potatoes, soup or even yogurt.

Your entourage, your allies:

Moral health and physical health are always closely linked. So do not neglect to take care of yourself and give yourself little moments of pleasure. 

If you have identified in your behavior and that of your loved ones elements that negatively affect your well-being, take the bull by the horns. For example, set up with the children a session of calm and silence, in the form of a game. 

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Use the timer to ask them to respect, for example, 20 minutes of the quiet game by whispering, or 10 minutes of total silence. To your spouse, ask for a balance in the tasks but also in the choice of the moments of relaxation, for fun. 

At work, do not take everything on your shoulders but learn to seek advice and family trust is an important factor.

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