5 ways to work your pecs without weight machines

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To work the pecs and get good results, just have the motivation and discipline to perform the necessary exercises. It is important to increase the intensity of repetitions

Would you like to increase the size of your chest and tone your body from home? If so, this article is for you. We will show you five ways to get the body of your dreams that will make all your friends jealous.

However, you must not forget that to have a sculptural body, you must accompany these routines with adequate nutrition and other complementary exercises. In this way, you will not only have better pecs, but also the body of your dreams.

In the rest of this article, get ready to learn about 5 ways to work your pecs without using the heavy gym machines.


5 ways to work your pecs without weight machines:

1. Make pumps:

The best way to start building muscles at home is to set up a daily pump routine. You must be disciplined and not require too much effort from your body.

  • You can start with a routine of only ten pumps, then increase the duration and load of the exercises.
  • Discipline is your most important weapon to improve yourself, you must establish schedules and spaces to perform your daily exercises.
  • Over time, you can do several repetitions of your routine during the day and increase its effectiveness.

2. Vary the exercises:

Once you have established a disciplined exercise routine, you can begin to vary them. For example, you can complete the pumps with jumps.

Another a good example of exercise from the pumps is the T- shaped pumps. Lower yourself and lift yourself with one arm and one leg.

It's a very complicated exercise, and you can try it when you have been training at home for a while. To avoid the risk of falling, you can install a rubber mat on the floor.

3. Use weights for your pecs:

No need to use gym equipment to tone your body, with some weights you can do at home. The weights are available in many sizes and shapes, and ideally, you can gradually increase their weight.

  • A routine with weights involves being tilted slightly on your knees, keeping your back straight, and the movement of your arms going up and down.
  • Your body adapts to the exercises and resistance develops over time. You can start with a few light weights up to those indicated for your weight and your body mass index.

4. Combine pumps and weights:

You can combine everything we've told you so far. Do not be afraid to innovate, as long as your body allows it, you do not hurt yourself and you do not practice beyond your resistance, everything is fine.

The combination of different types of exercises will always be very effective.

5. Use mobile apps or invite others to strengthen your pecs:

Home exercises can be fun, smartphones allow you to use applications with predefined routines that control time and help you achieve specific goals.

If you do not know how to start or what is the best way to pump or work with weights, a mobile app can guide you through the process and serve as a coach along the way to getting the perfect pecs.

In the same way, you can include your friends. If you come together as a group and invite them to train with you, you will be more disciplined and motivated to move forward. Other people can help you vary the exercises or when you have to perform complex movements.

6. Motivate you:

Finally, you must be motivated. From a psychological point of view, observing changes in your body allows you to stay in shape.

Motivation is an impulse that drives you to reach your goals. So, if the motivation level is high, nothing will be impossible to achieve.

Exercise is essential for staying healthy and maintaining good mental health. A healthy diet and a daily routine are the keys to transforming not only your body but also your thoughts.

After all, everything happens in your mind and the importance of changes in your body will depend on your state of mind.

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