5 psychological benefits of swimming

benefits of swimming

In addition to promoting the development of our muscle mass in a much less an aggressive way for our joints than other exercises, swimming is psychologically beneficial and gives us more confidence in ourselves.

Swimming is a very complete sport, it allows to work the arms, the back, and the legs ... Either the whole body. Moreover, swimming also brings some psychological benefits that you may not know.

The practice of any sport brings not only benefits at the physical level, but also at the mental level. That said, every physical activity has its own benefits. We will see here how swimming can help us psychologically.

The psychological benefits of swimming:

swimming in river

1. It eliminates stress:

One of the psychological benefits of swimming is the elimination of stress. Nowadays, we are used to carrying a lot of stress on our shoulders and it is important to know how to get rid of it so that it is not harmful to our health.

This is what swimming allows thanks to the relaxing effect of contact with water and the pleasant temperature of the water. In pools the water is not too cold, its temperature is ideal to practice this sport in optimal conditions.

You can practice swimming in the morning, to start the day very actively, or afternoons after work to relax and enjoy a restful sleep. 

2. It increases your confidence:

benefits on swimming on health

The second psychological benefit of swimming is the fact that it will improve your self-esteem, a fundamental point that will help you at all levels.

When you start swimming, you can start with the crawl, only where you have foot. However, little by little, you will gain confidence and swim to places where you do not have a foot.
The same will be true of other ways of swimming that you will learn. This will improve your self-confidence. Indeed, if you have concerns about self-esteem, swimming will be your best ally.

Self-esteem is what allows us to face all the different fears we may have. When we have low self-esteem, we may be able to let our fears fill us and constantly seek refuge in our comfort zone.

3. It reduces shyness:

When you start swimming, you do it most of the time. During swimming lessons, many people will find themselves in the same situation like you, that is to say in search of a way to overcome their fears and embarrassment. This will be of great help if you are a shy person.

It may be that at first, you find it difficult to make friends or just to meet new people but in reality, it's much easier than you think. Take into account that you have a lot in common with these people, to begin with. Therefore, shyness can be a topic of conversation to discuss with other participants.

The fact of being shy does not mean that you had to stay away from others.  You have the power to face shyness, provided you take the reins.

 4. It improves decision-making:

The fourth psychological benefit of swimming is improving decision-making. Since swimming reduces stress,  it allows a balance of your emotions, which will help you to understand situations where you have to make important choices with more foresight.

In addition, as we mentioned earlier, swimming will help you improve your self-esteem, an essential asset for decision-making.

5. It improves your self-esteem:

How do you perceive yourself? Practicing swimming will allow you to come to terms with your own body if you find any fault or there is a part that you do not like.

Thanks to this sport you will have a more toned, more athletic body and your health will be better. All these elements also contribute to improving your self-esteem.

In the same way, your self-esteem will be enhanced by all the benefits of swimming. If you trust yourself, if you feel confident and you are not shy, you will still feel much better with the practice of swimming.

Did you know all the psychological benefits of swimming? This sport is very complete and, as we have mentioned, it not only brings us an improvement in the physical level, but also at the psychological level, which is an extremely positive contribution.

Moreover, once you have mastered all the basic swimming, you will have the opportunity to practice them when you go to the beach: so you can train even when you are on vacation.

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