5 habits to stay in shape 365 days a year


Staying in shape, in good health, is not always what you think. We think we should stay warm, rest, and take medication, without worrying about the rest. It's totally wrong.

The best way to stay in shape is to pay attention to your lifestyle. Here are the habits to have the shape every day of the year.

Play sports regularly:


The good habit you can start taking right now is to play sports. Why do I put this one first?

Because sport is what I call a "mother" habit. That is to say, it will generate other positive habits (girls) alone.

For example, when we start to play sports, we become more relaxed, we start to pay attention to his diet, at least to pay more attention because we do not want to make efforts "for nothing" .
Of course, that's true in both senses, some people play sports to eat anything, but statistically, people play sports for the right reasons (health) more than for bad (appearance).

The important thing is to have a regularity. Do not go run 2 marathons in a row starting next week, but install a routine. For example, you can bike very well 2-3 times a week.

Eat more fruits and vegetables:

healthy food

The nutritional quality of our diet has dropped too much. Especially because of the industrialization of our methods.

There are more pesticides, hormones, and whatnot more than micronutrients in our current foods. Not to mention that we are paying attention to macro-nutrients, but we are never talking about micro-nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements ... etc.).

One thing is certain: fruits and vegetables must represent 80% of your plate. And you can not "overdose".

If you are not a fan of vegetables, start slowly. For example, add a salad at the beginning of each meal. The key is not to want to change everything at the same time.

Get rid of your negative emotions:

We drag our conflicts, our negative emotions, our whole life. These - although science is late on the subject, and does not understand too much - are deleterious to your body.

It is for this reason that some people who "do everything right" find themselves in poor health. Nothing more.

Do not stay on a conflict. Forgive (do it for you). Evacuate your emotions.
Get rid of stress, anxiety, panic.

Already, you can resolve all your conflicts by calling your loved ones and forgiving.

Yes, I know, it's weird to read this, but test, try.

Then you can also write to people, without even sending the letter, it frees.
Afterwards, we must also think about evacuating stress regularly, and anxiety. It tends to become more and more general.

To do this, already disconnect bad news incessant media. Connect to things that inspire you.

Play sports, and if necessary, get help in EMDR for example.

Relax in the sauna:

The wellness areas are exploding. Because we are in a hurry society.
And so much the better, because the muscular relaxation that it provides, the sauna (and steam room) allows you to evacuate your toxins through the skin. When we know that the skin is the largest organ of the body, there is enough to evacuate.
Each cycle must be on the following rhythm: warm (about 15 minutes) - cold (at least 90 seconds) - rest (minimum 5 minutes). You will thus circulate the blood, and the lymph, in your body.


Whatever one says, fasting is a fabulous repair tool that the body has. We are scared with fasting, stating that it is very bad for health, but most people have never done it.

Personally, I fast regularly. And that helps me a lot.

Start by skipping a meal (breakfast), and go there gradually. This is the best way to do it, and to realize that it is not so difficult and complicated as it seems.
That's it, I hope these tips have helped you.

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